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City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Ronald Hill - Hess trucks

    The children were disappointed that the batteries did not come as. Advertised on the box. The grandchildren have been getting the Hess trucks for 31 years now.

  • Robert C. Bauman - Sole E25 Elliptical

    Delivery was great. Setup was pretty easy. Having an issue with noise on right foot pedal and hope Sole warranty people will have a good idea on how to correct the problem. They have contacted me but can't seem to get a reply from a technician on problem. It seems to be more of an issue they have my reciept from Amazon before they talk to me. I would have thought my warranty registration would have been adequate. Will give them another week and see if they call or reply after emailing the reciept.

  • Brian Bigelow - Necessary for repairing your credit!!!

    Wish that I had this book several years ago, has so much information that I needed then. Your credit score is important for so many things, how much you will pay on loans and how much you can borrow. It also affects getting and keeping some jobs which is probably hurting quite a few people these days. Credit scoring methods have also changed the last few years which this book shows how it's calculated now.

  • Jenny Hu - Its pretty incredible

    I have a 15 year old dog with 15 years of plaque on her teeth. When I used this, I was able to remove literally all 15 years of her tooth plaque. I will try and get pictures. I have never used a product so good. My dogs teeth are in far better repair now. Its incredible, and I dont know how it works I just know it works!

  • rat racer - Does not work with iphone!!!!

    I would have been more upset if I didn't get this for so cheap on Amazon. I installed this on my Windows 8 laptop with no problem. However, make sure that you uninstall any other Mcafee software (I had one that came with the laptop as free trial version). I later tried to install it on my iphone 5 but did not find an option for iOS. I contacted their support service and was told that they are still working with Apple to have it be compatible for iphone. What? These guys are late in the game. Do not buy if you think you want to install it on your iphone.

  • N. Shwarma - Love!

    This was the best 99 cents I've ever spent! Bing always hits it right on the head, and in the funniest way. This is going to keep me entertained in meetings for a long time to come.