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  • Dave Marlette - Price was great but as soon as I installed them

    Price was great but as soon as I installed them, they showed cracks at the valve stem area. This damage was not evident until they were under pressure from being on the wheels.

  • Austin Peters - Great look and feel, but you need to create an account to tweak colors and stuff.

    The box the keyboard comes in is almost as nice as the keyboard itself. Shiny metallic embossed text, a view window to show off the arrow keys, and a list of all the important stuff on the back. A few noteworthy ones worth mentioning on the MX Green keys:

  • Steve - The Best Screen Protector Ever

    Easily the best screen protector that I have ever purchased. It feels great and goes on easy. The included materials (alcohol swab, microfiber cloth, final dust sticker) quickly and easily removed any dust and fingerprints on your screen, and the glass protector itself is easy to position and lock into place. They include a plastic card for squeezing out any bubbles and advise 48 hours to let any small bubbles or minor imperfections ease out, but my screen was great right after application and a little bit of squeezing.