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  • Amada_love - It's great brush for applying liquid foundation

    It's great brush for applying liquid foundation. I looked at tons and tons of brushes to find one that had a similar shape, density and flatness like the artis brushes ( a lot of them have a more rounded shape) and none of them I looked at had all that I was looking for. This applies and blend product like a dream!!! And I only used about half the amount of product I usually use because of the design and density of the brush.

  • Greg P. - Saved $180 from the dealership's outrageous charges.

    Wow it really works and saved me $180! My only critique; I had to go online to find the programming instructions for my Toyota Tacoma, which wasn't hard. I made it through the programming steps in less than 2 minutes, and was successful on the first try.

  • lovedaisies - Short Garage

    We bought a new Equinox a few weeks back, and were unable to park it in our garage - the antenna hit the door. Now we are able to park in our garage, and we still get great reception - Thanks!!