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    Smells like orange peels that have been sitting in a garbage disposal for a week. My twin boys said it stinks. This soap *barely* lathers and doesn't make one feel very "clean" afterwards. I purchased this soap based on how good of reviews it received. It's junk. Make your purchase of a different organic product. I promise it'll be better than this junk.

  • SurfinSD - Terrible taste

    And weird, also greasy feel. Stick to the original version!! (Even the "new" formula of the original version, which is not an improvement, is better.)

  • Amazon Customer - Exact replacement fit.

    Super easy installation. No modifications needed to get them to fit. Very pleased with these speakers.

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    Great Product! I bought this smartwatch for my son's birthday. He loves the watch, and he states that it works just fine. This was a great find and at a great price. It works just as good as the name brands smartwatches for a fraction of the price, and it comes with tons of features. I would recommend this product.

  • Rhea T. Verzo - great for eczema

    My baby had eczema and all the other milk was causing her skin to be rough. My doctor recommended this milk and it works great. Her skin is smooth and her gas has calmed down tremendously!

  • Miriam_a rearranged life - Love it!

    I've had it 2 months and couldn't love it more. My old mandolin was oxo and it broke after a year. I love the fruit/veg gripper much better too!

  • NotFake - Buyer Beware - Renewal after first year is a SCAM

    I have had a magicJack Plus for a year now --- service was okay, but now they refuse to renew for another year!! I ported my home phone number (had for 26 years) to the MJ Plus -- and now they say my "account is under review," and "until the review is complete I cannot renew." When asked why a review?? -- their answer is that "The 'Higher Department' reviews random customers accounts." After maybe a dozen online "chats" (there is absolutely NO customer service number to call) and being promised each time I would receive an email with instructions for renewal -- absolutely nothing. When I asked Cherry and Charlin (chat personalities) about the expected emails, "You need to wait for an email notification coming from the higher department." And when asked when I can get phone service back - this: "The deal is if your account is under review you can not purchase anything until the review is done." And when I asked about porting my number to another carrier -- there is a $30.00 fee to release the number, which would be charged to "your credit card on file." Credit card on file? Ridiculous. If there is a credit card on file, why are they unable to run the card for a renewal? Also, there is a renewal option online on the magicJack website, but it doesn't work, and after a dozen or so times trying returns with a message that the security code is incorrect -- even after I verified it each time using 3 different credit cards.