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  • Nancy J. Fiorenza - This product is amazing I got to review it for free but that ...

    This product is amazing I got to review it for free but that does not reflect the truth of my review. I have always had callus and rough spots on my heels of my feet. I tried everything from lotions to other tools. They all failed. This was so amazingly easy to use and works so great. I had smooth heels in no time. I love it and am going to buy one for my mom .

  • Joseph Hong - Stays on Better than the Originals

    My originals didn't have the spring ring. This one seems to stay on much tighter to the rim. Looks exactly the same except without the toyota logo which most people wouldn't notice anyways.

  • A. Paulson - Beautiful crystal

    Swarovski always has beautiful snowflakes in December and this one is no exception. It just sparkles when the light hits it.

  • Natalie - Doesn't work

    This is terrible! I read a lot of bad reviews but I thought I'd give it a try. They were right. I got it today, the light works fine, but it only diffuses for a few seconds and then stops. If I take it apart, I can get it going again but then it only lasts a few more seconds. Don't waste your time with this one. It's not worth it.

  • Devon Pratser - Perfect for teachers!

    I got this last December and absolutely love it! I am a teacher, so I am constantly printing things at home. It's been 9 months, and I still haven't had to refill my starter ink. In the same time frame the previous year, I spent $40-$50 a month on ink. While the initial cost is high, it is well worth it. The automatic double-sided printing feature is such a benefit and a paper saver. It doesn't scan or copy double-sided (unless it's 1 to 2 sided copies) but in most instances I don't need that feature. Occasionally if you are printing lots of images at once, the color will fade a bit, but if you let it settle it picks up again. The only glitch I've noticed is that occasionally for wireless printing, I have to unplug and plus in the printer because it receives the job but gets stuck in pre-printing mode. It just takes one second and hasn't been enough of a burden for me to do much research into fixing it.

  • C.H. - this product doesn't help in hair regrowth

    I have concerned with a batch of hair loss at the top of my head due to my stress and genetic reasons. I have bought all three aveda invati products eight weeks ago. I have followed all the instructions(16 sprays, and message my scalp at least 5 minutes everyday). I don't feel any warming nor tingling sensations on my scalp. Unfortunately, I don't have any changes for my hair growth after 8 weeks.

  • Jessica L. - Meh. Not My Cup of Tea.

    These has a lot of great reviews, but I personally did not like it. It has a nice concept, but unfortunately, the stick does not work as well as I had hoped. It has a sticker on the end to keep the powder from falling out. Once you remove the sticker, you are supposed to stick in your drink and stir and hypothetically the powder should just stir into your drink easily. It doesn't. The water mixing with the powder just makes what is inside the stick clumpy and hard to get out. I had to bang the stick against my glass multiple times trying to get the powder out. I never was able to get it all fully out of the stick.