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  • W. Wood - Don't buy it. - Run Away

    Sorry, after being a customer of Bitdefender for 4 years I've decided to go with another product. Bitdefender has many problems and bugs that have existed for a long time without remediation. They claim to have excellent customer support, but as a current customer with over 15 unanswered tickets in the past year alone, I have to say their service is terrible, lousy, rotten; meaning their commitment to their customers non-existent. No follow-ups, no replies to queries about open status. If you go to their online forums, all you'll find are unhappy customers who don't get answers.

  • michael brenner - wipe new

    I used this product on my 2002 Toyota Sienna which has a lot of exterior vinyl. Using very sparingly as per instructions the small 1.5 oz bottle covered the exterior, and made a big improvement in appearance. Next year the verdict will be out on how long it lasts. Personally I wouldn't use this product inside the vehicle as the fumes are really bad. I'd use Armoral. If the product lasts as long as the manufacturer claims I would give a 5 star rating. If it lasts only one season it's too pricey.

  • L. B. Ward - Works great for me...

    This is my first such machine, so I don't have the ability to compare it to competitive models. The "most popular positive review" on Amazon does a fine job of describing its attributes, so I won't duplicate those points. I will comment on my observations of the negative comments in the reviews: Leaking - not a problem with the one I bought. Pressure - one reviewer found it to be too harsh on the low setting - I find it to be very gentle on that setting, in fact, so much so that I never use it there. Attachments - yes, there are more than there are spaces for but so what? I put a couple of them in a drawer so that they'll be available if others wear out, get broken, or lost (sounds crazy? certainly not - I have six grandchildren). No switch on the handle - I hold the wand in my right hand and turn the on/off switch with my left - not a big deal. I will admit that having no experience at first, I got the bathroom counter wet a couple of times. There is just a bit of a learning curve, so you can't forget that you are turning on a pump that will spray the area if you don't have the tip in your mouth or pointed down in the sink. Bottom line is that I like the product and especially at the price.