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  • Coop - No free trial... buyer beware.

    Lifecell sounds amazing, but like many other 'Seen on TV' (or the internet) promotions, you'll get tagged with a $200 investment a soon as you sign up for

  • Ashly McCray - Works great. First day jitters only then none after that

    Works great. First day jitters only then none after that. Drink lots of water and this pill will help regulate your digestion.

  • Theresa Miller - Pessimistic, but it did work (n=1)

    Worked in my 2005 Chrysler T&C that was weeping oil. Don't normally trust miracle snake oils, but this was featured in a youTube mechanic's video. $10 is cheaper than a rear oil seal repair, so what didI have to lose? It worked. It's not a seal all kind of thing, it's only for oil seals that are just starting to leak due to being dried out. It's not going to fix leaking gaskets or cracked / torn oil seals, but if you use it as soon as you start noticing an issue, there is a good chance to put that crazy expensive repair off for a while. I would give it a higher rating if I had more data points to share.

  • Frank W. Sherman - Nerve Racking and Captivating

    My wife had to grab my leg and ask me if I was alright while I read about Shackleton's troubles on the bus ride home. Even knowing the ultimate outcome did not make me any less nervous when the crew of the Endurance faced each incredible challenge. Lansing's prose captivated me and took me away from a warm Seattle Metro bus and put me there in Antarctica floating on Camp Patience and gasping for breath after escaping a leapord seal attack, shivering with anticipation as our craft rushed up each icy fifty foot swell, I was there! Everyone should read this to escape into a world of adventure that cannot be matched again!

  • LokiLaney - Love this product

    Love this product. It is a shame that Microsoft discontinued this product. Had to pay 3-4 times what I would have had to pay previously. There are a few viable alternatives, but nothing in this price range for small businesses.

  • Sholland725 - Shredz for women

    I love the shredz for women. It makes you lose weight without the jitteriness. You also lose weight at a healthy pace.