Journalist and Freelance Writer Lana Jacobson - Journalist and writer Lana Jacobson writes articles for magazines, newspapers and tabloids covering topical issues including investigative journalism for special reports and business writing for website content, newsletters and blogs,

  • Lana Jacobson | the Writer Stusio - Lana Jacobson freelance journalist is acclaimed for representing private clients in the commercial arena for corporate writing, profiles of companies and MD’s.
  • Travel Writing | Lana Jacobson - Travel writing and freelance contributor for Independent Newspapers Lana was sent to Sierra Leone duriing the civil war. She has been to Jane Goodall Chimp Sanctuary, Thailand, Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia and stayed with Carmelite Nuns.
  • Commercial Writing | Lana Jacobson - Lana Jacobson a freelance journalist is highly acclaimed for representing private clients in the commercial arena. Her client and corporate writing, including profiles of companies and MD’s, appears on line, in trade journals, and published features
  • Award winning freelance journalist | Lana Jacobson - South African freelance journalist Lana Jacobson has won two 77th Writer's Digest International Competition Awards for Inspirational Writing and Memoir Writing.
  • Lana Jacobson - The Writer Studio - Lana Jacobson of The Writer Studio award winning journalist and writer for commercial and travel writing
  • Feature Writing - Lana Jacobson understands the obligation that comes with feature writing for magazines and newspapers and the privilege to otherwise hidden worlds and lives. Lana explores the inexplicable, the misunderstood, and the remarkable.
  • Ann Van Dyk’s forty two years towards saving the Cheetah - Lana Jacobson interviews Ann Van Dyk of De Wildt Cheetah Research and Breeding Centre for Saturday Star about her forty two years towards saving the Cheetah

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  • Victor M. Ricker III - Not For Us

    I really wanted to like this mattress. While waiting for mine to arrive, I read all the reviews and anticipated receiving a mattress that would be the answer to our problems. Our current mattress is memory foam and is both too soft and too difficult for me to get out of. My wife loves it for the relief on her pressure points, but it sleeps hot for her. The comfort level is not a problem. Once in the bed, we both sleep well. So when our Purple mattress finally arrived, we set it up and anticipated a night of similar comfort with none of the problems of memory foam. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The mattress seemed cold and too firm. It also had a lumpy, uneven texture from the cells that are in the top layer. I had no problems getting in and out of it, however. My wife complained that the jelly-like feel of it made her slightly carsick. Night number one was not a success. Night number two was better for me, the bed didn't feel quite so cold. My wife showed me her FitBit read out for sleep. She was awake or restless 46 times. Same thing for night three.And night four. On night five, we were up almost every hour and a half. Every time one of us moves, it jiggles the mattress and wakens the other. We quit after that and are deciding what to do with the mattress. It does sleep cool, but it is way too firm for my wife's arthritic joints and she is still having that slightly carsick feel. I realize that some people might think we gave up too soon, but when you start dreading going to bed, it's not a good thing. When we returned to our old memory foam mattress, it was like being hugged by an old friend. I guess I can get used to having trouble getting out of bed. I will say that the Purple mattress is very well constructed and for some people, obviously, it is the answer to their problems. I truly wish that had been the case for us.

  • Joe Russell Wright - the antenna installed easily on my 2004 Nissan Xterra and the signal is ...

    the antenna installed easily on my 2004 Nissan Xterra and the signal is strong in the city. would recommend.

  • Alex Cifelli - Love the oil, don't care for shampoo/conditioner

    I have fine curly hair. Oil is great for my hair to keep frizz out, smells good too. But the shampoo (i know it's sulfate free but it doesn't bubble and foam when I wash so it doesn't feel like I am getting anywhere) Also my hair can get naughted and the conditionder doesn't do what I'd like it too... will be a buyer of oil seperately, not shampoos

  • Heidi Faulkner - Ipad Pro

    I bought this case because it looks nice and when I received it through the mail it feels great too. Access to all buttons, mics, ports, and I great protection. It also came with a stylest too. I use it with my ipad and cell phone. I justLove itthe product. It is exactly what I was looking for. The leather is genuine and very classy. Highly recommended.

  • Paul Simard - To good to be true

    These racks are for extreme light duty. Mounted both mountain bikes. Bikes were swaying left to right. The mount points on these racks are plastic vs oem which are metal. Shipping weight 5lbs. oem 11lbs. Returned for a refund and purchased Honda crossbars. Night and Day in comparison?