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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8925 North Holland, Netherlands

  • Chad Torkkola - Pretty fun game , wildly inaccurate tracking of moves

    This is a really fun game with some cool social features but seems to not really know whether you are doing the moves correctly or not. Who cares though? This is a great game to play casually , you get a nice workout and the dances are pretty fun. One thing I really dislike is when you buy songs on this version they do not transfer to Just Dance 2015. I actually think that 2014 is better than 2015 btw. While 2015 has some great niche songs (Like the Tetris theme) 2014 feels more polished.

  • E. P. - Perfect

    I bought them to be used with a Keeper Roof top cargo carrier bag, they worked perfectly. Easy to install (less than 10min, including unboxing). No complains.

  • Matt - Pure Gold

    I feel ten times better when I take this, including energy and focus. You really notice the effects within 15 minutes or so, and the pamphlets say your body doesn't even get to peak oxygen concentration until 6-8 hours later. It also helps with detoxification of your cells, so you may notice a slight headache when first starting it. There are many theories about how a properly oxygenated body can't be affected by many different diseases, including cancer. Oxygen doesn't let bad bacteria or viruses live either. It really is an amazing supplement , even taking away the increases in energy and focus.