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  • Donald J. Colgan - History made easy

    I never have been able to follow history books. This historical novel was informative, I could follow the story line and keep track of the characters. I love history written this way.

  • monie - am i being punked?

    seriously this is what you get for 1000$. what a piece of garbage. I have been using CAD for 12 years. every year the program gets worse and worse. the software is extremely slow. constant freezes - sometimes returns after a 5 minute pause (opps forgot what i was doing) and others just shuts down (opps looks like you are starting over from last saved spot) they load it with all this stuff that no one can figure out how to use. then change the simple commonly used items to be so cumbersome. like others here I had many crashes...losing work that was unrecoverable, even through the back up.

  • Andy Souter - There's a class action lawsuit against this company for this product

    I bought this from the manufacturer and did blood tests before using and after two months....no change whatsoever.