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  • http://www.zooscape.com/cgi-bin/maitred/GreenCanyon/questp427514/jornada40232172 Bilberry Leaf Tea (Loose) - 4 oz - ZIN: 427514 - Review: "After a long night shift at the hospital, my long distance vision was so poor that I was scared to drive home. I also seem to suffer from nig
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  • http://www.zooscape.com/cgi-bin/maitred/GreenCanyon/questp511196/jornada40232172 Chickweed Leaf Powder - 1 oz - ZIN: 511196 - Chickweed, fresh or dried, can be used mainly to help support the itchiness caused by rashes, eczema, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, psoriasis, inflammation
  • http://www.zooscape.com/cgi-bin/maitred/GreenCanyon/questp512127/jornada40232172 Buchu Leaf (Organic) Tea - 25 tea bags - ZIN: 512127 - Buchu is widely used and a great reputation for helping support kidney and urinary tract problems, for the symptomatic support of joint pain, and also for
  • http://www.zooscape.com/cgi-bin/maitred/GreenCanyon/questp427657/jornada40232172 Motherwort Tea - 25 tea bags - ZIN: 427657 - The bitter, spicy leaves of the motherwort plant affect the pericardium and the liver when taken for health purposes. In terms of bodily activity, motherwo
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  • http://www.zooscape.com/cgi-bin/maitred/GreenCanyon/questc100613/jornada40232172 Lemon Balm / Melissa - Aromatic herb used for relaxation, insomnia, anxiety, cold sores, digestion and more. - Like most members of the mint family, lemon balm is aromatic, its name derived from its distinctive citrus aroma. The leaves of this plant have long b...
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  • Ender42 - Great TV, awesome picture, Prime Day price (from BestBuy)

    Just picked this 55" up from Best Buy when they matched the Prime Day sale price. It arrived today and I just got it mounted to the wall. The TV is much lighter than my old LG Plasma (50"), and the old mount that I had worked great. The picture quality on this TV blows away the picture on my LG, which was 8 years old and needed to be replaced anyway.

  • J. Walker - Excellent book for experienced db and Access users

    I had years of experience using Access in earlier versions and even taught courses, but have done nothing with it in the last 10 or 12 years. Because of that I was recently asked to help out on a large market research project. I quickly ordered this book and found it tremendously helpful for getting back into the program. Obviously, the program has changed a great deal since I last looked at it, but this book is so clearly written it very quickly brings you up to speed when you have a solid understanding of what databases do and the theory behind them. I particularly appreciate that the author avoids the annoying habit found in other books of describing the commands in older versions and then trying to explain the new version of the old command. To me, that is simply a distraction and usually a source of confusion.