Electronic Document Bundling | Zylpha - Zylpha specialises in automated electronic document bundling for legal professionals and local authorities, saving time, money and the environment

  • http://www.zylpha.com/electronic-document-bundling/ Electronic Document Bundling | Electronic Court Bundles - Electronic document bundling and electronic court bundling is essential to remove paperwork & get all paperwork properly filed electronically.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/electronic-document-bundling/legal-profession/ Legal Document Bundling Software | Zylpha - Zylpha is a market leading supplier of legal document bundling software that integrates with leading Case, Matter & Document Management solutions.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/electronic-document-bundling/public-sector/ Public Sector Electronic Bundling Software - Zylpha document software is developed with Public Sector, Local Authorities & Central Government in mind. Read more about key benefits to the public sector
  • http://www.zylpha.com/electronic-document-bundling/electronic-bundling-for-the-coroners-office/ Electronic bundling for the Coroners Office - Inquests require detailed files supported by numerous documents to be sorted, collated and delivered to a range of parties or even a Jury at an inquest.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/electronic-document-bundling/secure-delivery/ Secure private encrypted document delivery | Zylpha - Secure private encrypted document delivery is integrated as part of the Zylpha Document Bundling solution. Get in touch.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/ Zylpha - LexisNexis Partners - Zylpha has worked as LexisNexis partners & developed products like Visualfiles and SolCase, which are endorsed & marketed by LexisNexis.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/paypal-integration/ PayPal Integration - Zylpha - PayPal integration for SolCase & Visualfiles. Get payments from clients quicker with Zylpha's PayPal integration.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/client-matter-inception/ Client matter inception - Zylpha - Client matter inception add-in for Visualfiles. Available for Visualfiles sites for free.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/anti-money-laundering-integration/ Anti-Money Laundering Integration - Zylpha - Zylpha's anti-money laundering integration for Visualfiles. Find out more about Zylpha's anti-money laundering integration powered by Smartsearch.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/electronic-signature-software-solicitors/ Electronic signature software for lawyers - eSignatures - Electronic signature: Adobe eSign services integration for lawyers. The easy way for lawyers to use electronic signatures in their case work.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/automating-the-e-drs-process/ Automating the e-DRS process | Zylpha - Zylpha can help you with automating the e-DRS process by enhancing the benefits of speed & cost and by reducing the labour whilst ensuring accuracy.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/integration-to-the-moj-claims-portal/ MoJ claims portal integration - MoJ claims portal integration for SolCase & Visualfiles. Integration for both RTA & ELPL claims portals.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/case-management-integrations/lexis-nexis/visualfiles-and-solcase-specialised-services/ Visualfiles and SolCase Specialised Services and Support - Zylpha has built a team of specialists with over 50 years experience of customising and supporting Visualfiles and SolCase. Get in touch.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/learn/ Learn - Zylpha - Zylpha's dedicated learning centre. Learn online about our electronic document bundling software with our eLearning course.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/learn/blog/ Blog - Zylpha - Zylpha blog, featuring news stories, articles and comments from the Zylpha team.
  • http://www.zylpha.com/bundling/ Bundling Case Study - Bury Metropolitan Council - Electronic Document Bundling Case Study for Bury Metropolitan Council. Zylpha eBundling demonstrates innovation for Bury Metropolitan Council

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