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  • Tarot P. Atkinson - Not enough delivery options

    I bought this stuff to power my Delorian on a trip back to 1955. All went well until I got there. At first I was shocked it had all been used up on one trip but then I thought, "my bad, it was -50 years I was travelling, I'll just order some more". I was horrified to discover that they would not deliver to 1955. When I rang the phone number for the company there seemed to be a Chinese Laundry at the other end and they said they had never heard of Amazon and had no Uranium ore. I hate to think what might have happened if I hadn't known that there would be a lightning strike that would provide the 1.21 gigawatts I needed to get home.

  • Jeremy Pacini - A Shadow moves in the Dark of Mine Bowels..... It is coming!

    These deceptively tasty spawn of the lowest ring of the Inferno have a story to tell. Upon consuming a couple handfuls of these gummy delights, I was suddenly struck with the sensation of a sharp, biting, gnawing type after a mere five minutes. Upon my mad rush to the porcelain throne that the Old Ones had so kindly installed in mine domain, I found myself reliving the words of Gandalf the Grey, Mithrandir, the Great Wizard of Middle Earth when reading the Book of Mazarbul in Moria: "We have barred the gates, but cannot hold them for long." And lo, those grim words came as a prophecy of the blackest sort, as with a great unearthly howl mine internal organs, which have oft borne the bane of men known as Taco Bell, did thus dispel great quantities of noxious sludge and fecal slime, my stomach's agonized cry matching mine own howls of pain as the relentless waves of noxious filth and agonizingly foul-stenched sludge erupted from mine sore, battered anus, the volume of which rivaled even the great falls of water that mark the rivers in the word outside of mine porcelain tomb of pain. Long time mine anus would howl and erupt noxious waste, accompanied by the usage of mine anus as a trumpet for signaling via a loud fart that more was yet to come.

  • Samuel-Louis Bandy, Jr. - Fantastic book, as it is every year.

    We have been using this book in our household for well over the last twenty years. The savings and details it yields on annual taxes, as well as the tips on record keeping easily pay the price of the book. Lasser also gives a great summary of changes and explains well who will best benefit from those changes. Most important of all is the real world type of examples that this book gives in its discussions of various areas, such as employee business expenses and miscellaneous income sources. The book has great knowledge within and the price is very reasonable.

  • Gregory Bloom - Pain to assemble - It'd be great if it worked or if Sole would fix it

    Assembly was a pain. Sole chose to go with a manual that adhered to the sort of style they had back in WWII, with one explosion diagram having all the parts numbered, and a separate diagram showing each screw and washer with their associated part number. Then the assembly text consists of stuff like:

  • nordygirl - Italian Mobsters are ALL bad

    Jodie is a Mob princess, only she does know. All she knows is she came home from college, to spend time with her family. She is studying in her bedroom with her headphones on when she realizes that things are too quiet. It is a Sunday, and should be hearing the tv and sports. Little does she know that her life will never be the same. Her family is gone, and the Italian mob wants her. They want to BEND her to their will, to train her to be a slave. Dante is tasked with training her...too bad that he is one of the good ones.

  • S. Rubin - I was expecting better.

    I ALSO have an old Gerber boot knife from the early 1980's and the quality is night and day different. The older one used a carbon steel and a very graceful taper from a 1/4" thick base. It was a rather high quality knife for a line-production offering. This knife is .125": about 1/2 as thick. The old one had a well made leather thumb-break sheath; this one has, well a functional plastic one that is a bit over complex for a shank.

  • coolwizkid - Bright (when charged) and good motion sensing lights

    I have a manual electric lights near my garage door and wanted to have an motion sensor lights. Found these and I must say these are really good and bright lights. Here below I have mentioned my findings in the form of PROS and CONS. Hope this helps you figure if this product is best for your.