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  • Henry Frederick Simon - Read the Bleeping Order!

    some reason LD sent me a different cassette from the one I ordered. It didn't fit my printer. I returned it with a stern note requesting the correct cartridge. Within three days LD sent me a replacement cassette which, unfortunately, was the same wrong product.

  • cratza - My daughter loves it!

    My 5 year old received this toy a week ago and loves it. This is the first personal electronic toy we've gotten her. She can navigate the toy easily after being shown just once how to use it. She loves the pet pad, drawing feature, camera and pre-loaded game. We look forward to getting her more apps as rewards.

  • Richard - Great delivery time. Great condition.

    Arrived in two day which is great cause class starts in a couple of days.Has the smallest imaginable amount of wrinkles on the spine and that might just be from shipping, and there is a ring where the disk has rubbed on the cover. Honestly, i could care less about that. I'm just glad that it came with one. So many i looked for weren't guaranteed to have one.

  • markeya - DONT BUY

    This phone is awful DONT BUY!!!!! When you are on the phone you can't hang up because the screen stays black... freezes up all the time... can't surf the web with out the phone knock me off

  • Kyla R Gant - Love this lamp!!

    This is the most beautiful lamp I have ever owned! It makes the room so wonderfully lit with all the other lights off.