Generic For Zetia - thers's nothing wrong with generic drugs and prices are controlled like any other product on the market.

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  • Jennifer Morgart - God sent for my very bad cystic acne breakouts and uneven skin

    Love it! This was way more effective than Proactiv for me... and way more affordable (especially if you order on amazon and not in supermarkets where it's triple the price!). There was a little discomfort the first week I used it, which my sister who gave it to me told me about. It was too much for her since she has pretty good skin other than the occasional blemish, though if she waited it out she would have adjusted too. Glad she didnt though, cause my skin was really bad and this was just what I needed. I will say, it is pretty strong but my usually sensitive skin can handle it. You can always skip a day of the medicated lotions and it's still effective... but anyway, flash forward to today, having been on it about 6 weeks now. After clearing out some REALLY congested pores, aka having to deal with some new pimples popping up (nbd! This all happened during that first week, so be patient!) my skin began to not only clear, but it's smoothing out and the tone is evening out now... something I thought I'd be stuck with even if I could stop the breakouts! I've dealt with very bad cystic acne and tried it all and this stuff is worth trying!

  • nicaZe - Yummy ...tasty multivitamins

    Bought this gummy vitamis for my teen son(he's 17 but his hair getting thiner,he is losing a lot hair lately)who doesn't always eat as he should.

  • Rkoti - Game is OK, DRM restrictions make it a loser.

    This is a very fun and creative game that will suck it for hours at a time. However, the DRM restrictions it puts on the user are harsh and useless, (the game is already available on most bit torrent clients).

  • Belen Brennan - I stared to feel a lot better. Did not work for me

    I bought this supplement because I wanted to lose a few pounds of my weight. Gave it two-weeks and stopped due to feeling tired and my stomach was hurting all the time. After a few days of not taking this pill, I stared to feel a lot better. Did not work for me.