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  • BillH - A very interesting 2010 technical review of the F1 season

    This review of the 2010 F1 technical advances has fascinating close-up illustrations of details that one doesn't normally see on TV or magazine coverage of Formula 1 cars. The illustrations seem to be all computer-generated although they look like colored hand-done drawings. It's hard to know just how accurate they are as the book contains no photographs. It appears that much of the art is taken from photos or on-the-scene sketches, although the author does not elaborate.

  • Lisa Loo - Amazing for first month, then it went quickly downhill :-(

    When we first got this mattress, it was AMAZING. Seriously the best sleep I've ever had. I am a chronic back pain sufferer due to some car accidents a while back and I wake up in agony 99% of mornings. I toss and turn and wake up several times per night. But when we got this mattress, that all changed. Within the first 3 days, I felt like a new person. I was sleeping through the night and waking up virtually pain-free. I was in love. I talked about the mattress constantly. If my house were on fire and I could only save one thing, this would be it. I'd be dragging this mattress out the window if I had to.

  • Boots918 - save your money and go buy a diet and exercise book

    Just another Scam trying to make people think if they pay a lot of money they can lose weight or get healthy. Diet and exercise is all anyone needs. The only thing that will be lighter after buying this is your wallet!

  • antiark - great tasting

    Well, i cant really speak to the medicinal properties of this tea supplement as i havent taken it for a full month(i will follow up) i can say that this tea tastes great and do believe teas hold holistic values. i would recomened this based off of taste and positive thinking towards cleansing.

  • Evelyn - I saw results in 8 days!

    This oil has grown my hair so much! I've been using this hair growth oil for 2 months now but I saw results in 8 days. It's also revived my hair too. My hair feels and looks so healthy now, On thing I would say is that if you don't follow the directions you want see growth as fast. You'll get results, but if your looking for thickness and growth at the same time then just use it as directed. Once I started massaging my hair and using the oil the right way I saw faster results. This is why I say I saw results in 8 days because I decided to finally follow the directions. After 8 days I was trulyamazed! I also use the oil on the ends of my hair because it helps keep them healthy so I don't have any split ends now. I'm blonde so I wasn't sure if it would change the color of my hair or whatever and it hasn't so I'm happy about that too. I also use the oil of my 12 year daughter's hair and her hair is growing faster too. So, it's good for kids too, So just follow the directions, be patient and it'll work. I will be purchasing the oil on here from now on because it's a bit more expensive at the beauty supply store.

  • Wayne D - Works Great!

    Switched from Norton because it slowed-down my computer and was interfering with some of my programs running. So far, I have had no issues from Avast other than having a difficult time figuring out how to allow file-sharing between all my computers on my LAN. The GUI is a learning curve but once you figure it out it's not too bad.