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  • Dorothy Osbourne - This Taffy ROCKS

    I have tried so many of these texturizers to piece my hair and also hold it in place. PLUS, I don't wash my hair every day, so I look for something that doesn't leave that flake in your hair, and is easy to brush out or rinse out. This is fantastic. The only other product that comes close is Smudge, by White Sands, but this has more holding power. Glad I found out about this from my stylist.

  • carmella gross - It never dried out again all summer and looks great still. I am doing it again next year ...

    I used this on my lawn and in three weeks it was definitely was showing a difference. For years my husband said there was nothing that would help that section of the lawn because it was to sandy. He even couldn't believe it and asked me when I had applied the milorganite because he noticed the difference . It never dried out again all summer and looks great still. I am doing it again next year also.

  • Amazon Customer - Great design, construction can be better

    Great design, compact and low price point. The hinges were not very straight however, resulting in the unit being a little slanted when closed and the safety lock in mechanism was hard to close. The handle when in cart mode, cannot be perpendicular, it will be at an angle when you pull. Also when in cart mode with the pull handle extended, the cart may tip over if nothing is in it.

  • Roy C. Leggitt - Installation was a nightmare!

    Installation was a nightmare. Nearly gave up on three occasions. Had to uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable and let Hoyle reinstall an older version. After we finally got it installed the wife really liked the improvements over the 2009 version she previously had.

  • Science lover - Super beautiful and lightweight focal point for dining room

    Gorgeous lighting for dining room, or maybe a living room. I thought this was an expensive custom light when I saw it hanging at a new neighbors house.

  • D. Brown - An Excellent Workout!

    I usually pass on workout infomercials. I figure I would be wasting my money. I was intrigued the first time I saw the infomercial and thought It was doable. About 2 months later, I saw it again. I decided to give it a shot! I am glad that I did! I am in the fourth week and I have kept the 5 day a week schedule, who does that ? The workouts are motivating and are rotated each week so there's little chance of getting bored. And yes, there are modifications to keep you going! My husband has begun doing the workouts as well.