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  • JOHN MAYHAN - Very economical, durable, easy install- two caveats

    Came in 4 parts plus accessories: HDMI cable and a two mini levelers. The HDMI cable alone is worth $20 (BestBuy price). The mount came in 4 parts- two piece mounting frame and two mount arms. The smaller leveler came packaged with the hardware pack, and is not mentioned in the instructions. Use its clip side to attach to the top of the frame when mounting it. Here are my installation notes: 1) it so happened that where I wanted to mount the TV there was a stud in the middle, and the assembled frame holes could not reach the other studs, each 16" from the center stud. The frame is about 32" length overall. Generally one would just offset the frame to the left or right, but with a rather large monitor, I feared an off-center appearance in the end. The solution was to mount a 34" long piece of 1" x 12" pine board and use (4) 3" lag bolts with 1/4 washers to mount the board to the studs that were to the left and right of the center stud. Afterward mount the frame using (4) #12 1" sheet metal pan-head Phillips screws with matching washers. There was enough space just below this mount to conceal a new AC outlet and an access plate for the A/V wires. 2) the mounting arms have a hardware accessory pack that is insufficient. Along with screw (a,b,c,d,or e) and star washers (f), add regular machine washers between star washers and the mount arms. Without these extra washers, the smaller screws may slip through the mount arms and cause your monitor to fall. Other than these caveats, this is really nice product.

  • Timothy - Thank You!

    Thank you for writing such an easy to read, straight forward guide on how I can use all aspects of my being (body, mind, heart, and soul) to create a happy, prosperous, and peaceful life for myself and those I love. I've been teaching various energetic arts for over 25 years and find that the practices offered in this book are enriching my live and the lives of my students on a whole new level. I also found several "golden nuggets" in this book that I haven't seen in other writings that helped me see things from a new perspective and make some instant shifts that have proved quite rewarding. I really concur with what bookreviews.com said "Whatever your spiritual path, religion, or background, there is sure to be something in this book that you will recognize and connect with."

  • Douglas W. Fielder - Too much for me....

    Too much for me, I was hopeful that I would not be one of those who found this combination of products too much to handle. I was jittery on one dose, downright shaky on two, never got to the 4 dose recommended daily once you have worked up to it. I did lose weight, simply because I followed the diet recommended and drank tons of water!

  • Sharon S. - I thought I could do without a Omega XL. ...

    I thought I could do without a Omega XL. I lasted exactly one week. After that I was in severe pain. I called Omega XL and have them drop ship me a bottle overnight. I had immediate relief. Within two days I was back to normal. No pain and free movement of joints.I am a Believer.

  • Amazon Customer - This hair growth is awesome I use it every other night and it works ...

    This hair growth is awesome I use it every other night and it works wonders. Never have I seen a product that works this fast. My bald spot has diminished. A great product. This is my second bottle and When this runs out I will order more.

  • Erin - ... product I received was a bit damaged due to poor packaging choice

    The actual product I received was a bit damaged due to poor packaging choice, however the LP planner is so beyond perfect for someone who loves OR who needs organization in their life!! I bought this for my MOH at 365 days pre wedding. Loved it!