Raw Material Medicine:Chloramphenicol, Ketoconazole, Levamisole Hcl, Buflomedil Hcl, Etc. - Nanjing Baijingyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Sales Company - Nanjing Baijingyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise which produces chemical synthetic medicine and chemical preparation. It passed the GMP certification in 2003.

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City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • Michael - Great study aid

    My neighbor actually took this test some time ago. What he told me was that with some studying, this test is not hard. I had him actually glance over this book to see what he thought. He said he would have used it to study. He liked the content, and the way things are organized. He said it did portray the test accurately. I got the opportunity to get this product in exchange for my review. Going into this, I knew little about this test, but I figured it was worth getting since I need a part time backup plan and it seems like schools always need bus drivers. Glancing over this book, I feel relieved that with some time and effort, the test appears simple enough to pass with this book at my side.

  • One of the Duped - Best floss ever!

    I LOVE Cocofloss! 'm a dedicated daily flosser, but my hygienist noted that my gums were declining towards the back of my mouth at a recent visit. I was floored since I thought I was doing a good job. She asked me what type of floss I was using, and when I said Glide, she told me that she had noticed similar issues with other patients who were Glide users. So, I had to change my floss. I tried a few, but never loved any.

  • J Jhu - I absolutely love this product BUT I would never ever

    I absolutely love this product BUT I would never ever, ever think of buying it on amazon. There arre too many fakes online with dangerous chemicals in it. and you're only supposed to get it frrom a registered distrributor, per company agreement. So what this stuff may be, or how old it is, is questionable. Would you buy your newborrn's life saving medicine frrorm amazon?

  • Heather A. - Harsh!!

    This product works, however it has a harsh effect. Once it comes In contact with water it produces dangerous fumes that when inhaled can cause sever throat soreness/irritation and headaches.

  • Justun D. Chandler - Cheap horsepower but be patient.

    It is a pretty good product for the price. I caution about trying to use it with a 2005 dodge hemi. I ended up selling mine because not all the functions actually worked on my car. Diablosport said that they knew of the issue but had no plans to fix. They are a little slow to operate and clunky but if you are on a budget, once the tune us installed that doesn't matter anymore.