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  • Eddy van Manen - Not with MediaCom...

    I live in the Southeast and I've tried two of these modems. It is not compatible with MediaCom! This is probably a good product if it's compatible with your Internet service provider. If someone says that this modem IS compatible with MediaCom then I received two defective modems in a row :(

  • Mannie Liscum - Crisp and clean restoration of the classic, plus loads of interesting extras

    There are numerous issues and re-issues of the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol" so why purchase this 2007 VCI release? To say that this film version of Dickens' story is a classic would be an understatement. Hailed by most critics as the best of all the versions made over the past 70-odd years, this review need not dwell on whether or not this is a movie worthy of watching; many other reviewers here have said as much. What has typically not been done in reviews posted here is to give potential purchasers an in-depth analysis of what makes this release a most have (or not) for first time watchers, someone looking for a great Christmas gift, or simply a fan who wants "The Ultimate Collector's Edition (as this release is advertised). This review will attempt to cover, not the film itself in much detail - although some aspects will be discussed. Instead it will focus mainly on the extras and production value present on this release compared to other releases. Importantly this review WILL NOT simply provide a litany list of 'extras' present on the discs (you can get that at IMDB), but rather will review the content of the extras. So read on and decide for yourself whether VCI's "Ultimate Collector's Edition" is all it's advertised!

  • L. More - Good treadmill, but deck is not as soft as expected

    I bought this treadmill a month ago directly from Sole. I had them do the curbside delivery, to avoid the additional inside delivery charge. My two teenage kids and I opened the box outside and carried the smaller parts inside, but the frame was HEAVY to carry, even with all three of us carrying it. It took a while, but we managed. Once inside, my daughter and I began to assemble it. About two hours later, we were finally done (after wrestling with some screws and holes that wouldn't quite line up). In the end, no matter what, one final screw did not line up. Since it doesn't seem to be a critical screw, but one to keep a plastic cover in place, we decided we were done.

  • Maggie - What's with the price increase?!?

    I bought a jar of this six months ago. Paid $34. I thought that was a lot. Now it's selling for $48?!?! It did help soothe various minor skin issues within the family, but I'm not paying fifty bucks for it!