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  • ShepB - A "brief" review

    For those who have checked out their podcast, you are going to love the book. If you haven't, then I suggest you get on it (and the book as well). Just as the title suggests, these are many "brief" explanations about a wide range of topics dealing with the brain. A fascinating read and the info is easily transferable to ice breakers with people you may be stuck with at social gatherings.

  • matthew c. - Exceptional grinder!

    I got this pepper/salt mill to use for sea salt, as I currently have a working pepper grinder but I have previously gone through two other salt grinders that have stopped working correctly. This grinder is amazing! It is just slightly heavier than my past salt grinders but it is SO convenient to use. The one-handed use makes is quick and easy to use this grinder while you are cooking. You can easily and quickly grind your salt/pepper while you are stirring at the stove and don't need to put anything else down to do it. The box that the grinder comes in says to turn the grind mechanism tightly for smaller granules and less tight for course granules. In the case of this grinder, that means you will need to turn the dial on the bottom to the right for smaller pieces and to the left for larger pieces. I love that it is fully adjustable! The smaller granules can be adjusted all the way down to a fine powder or can be moved up to come out as large salt pieces. There is a small piece that you pull up on top of the grinder and then fill your salt or pepper from there. It's really easy to fill. My husband was in a hurry not long after we got this grinder and he accidentally knocked it off the shelf in our kitchen. The bottom piece broke in several pieces and needs to be glued. Even with this piece broken from user error, it STILL works exceptionally. I will definitely be ordering a second one for pepper, as this brand and type works WAY better than our current pepper grinder!

  • Jessica - heavy smoker and it worked for me - follow instructions ...

    heavy smoker and it worked for me - follow instructions exactly as it says. use new towels, hair brush, clothes and something to cover the headrest in your car. try not to even turn on the a/c if you smoke in your car (just as a precaution). it did, however, pick up my prescription narcotic, which is why this get 4 stars from me, so be careful with that part. hope this helps.

  • M. Marquez - Love my new Pink Ray Ban!

    Althought the description of this sunglasses reads "Red Lens" they are rose or pink. 5 star for the best customer service ever. I was looking for this sunglasses for a long time and not only Gaffos's had them, but they help me get them before my Xmas trip. I was afraid I was not going to get them on time, so I contacted the seller to see if I should pay extra for the rush. Not only they they answer super fast, but they expedite the package at no additional charge... I got them just in time as promise. Love my Ray Ban with Gold Frame/Rose lens... and the best part is the case: RED!

  • Techhead - Beware the lag bolts!

    As others have stated the lag screws that are provided are cheap and you should save yourself time and frustration before you shear one off while tightening it. I managed to snap 2 of them and with something this heavy you are naturally going to crank on these to ensure they are tight. Do yourself a favor and go buy 4 stainless steel lag bolts. This critical but cheap hardware is the reason it gets only 3 stars

  • Anita - So far so goodI like the

    I like the way it goes on so far.My hair is thinning in front like my mothers used to.My old age,no I am only 48 but hopefuly this will stop it from breaking.My twin daughters use it on their daughters and love it.Time will tell,I will keep you posted.

  • Meredith Thomas - Great for what it is

    If you cannot have "real" cheese but want to have something like pizza or nachos that just aren't the same without melted cheese this is your best bet. That being said - no, it doesn't taste just like "real" cheese. The flavor is ok. The texture is ok. It is definitely the best non dairy cheese I have had and it melts instead of turning into a dried out film like some other non dairy cheeses. I cannot have gluten, dairy or soy and I will continue to buy it for myself but my dairy eating family members would never think it is an acceptable alternative to cheese.