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  • Amazon Customer - but it could have been better proofread. There are a LOT of grammatical errors

    It was very informative, but it could have been better proofread. There are a LOT of grammatical errors, and the phrase "just so happened to be..." when referring to dates is overused.

  • Josey Miller - Works great as an extra stove burner

    I bought this a year ago and used it many times. You can use it to do just about anything that a stove burner would do except for extremely high heating needs such as quick searing or professional stir frying. It gets hot enough to boil water for pasta in just a few minutes. Perfect for my needs and I love the fact that I can bring it to family or club gatherings to cook on the spot without always needing the use of their kitchen facilities (which are usually already over crowed). All I need is an electrical outlet, my ingredients and a sauce pan. A good buy at a low price.

  • dolly girl - Great cleaner and degreaser!

    I love this stuff! It's a great cleaner, especially for grease. A little goes a long way! I've started buying the big bottle and refilling my original sprayer because it is much more cost effective.

  • Rebecca Pierce - Great value

    This thing is seriously ginormous. I have kind of smallish hands, and sometimes I don't feel like I've got a secure grip on the tumbler. I ordered the tumbler handle for the "other" name brand one, and it fits this one perfectly. The tumbler does fit in my car travel cup place, but there isn't really room for a second beverage because of how hulking this tumbler is, unless that container is like a soda can or something that it straight on the sides from the bottom to the top. The lid is super secure and fits an extra long slim steel straw (regular diameter straw size). It's made in China, but so is the name brand one. Watch for it to go on sale!

  • A. J. DeRoehn - Same Old, Same Old

    Due to lack of reviews after this game being out a week so far, I'm finding the fanfare Yukes tried to hype this game is turning out worse than 2009 in which TWO releases of WWE games couldn't even come close to match the sales of SvR 2008. I have played this game several times with a friend, and I will list off several things to warn buyers;

  • Anna B - ugh what a disappointment

    I've been looking for new steak knives for awhile. When this recently came up on lightning deals marked down from the "list" price of $121 to $35 I jumped on it & bought. Disappointed in them even for paying 35! Here's why: