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  • Shells - So Far great coverage.

    So far so good, I just received this and quickly set it up in AP mode since I have a duel wan router which is fully configured for open ports and wan balance. The satellite synced immediately and so far I have not noticed a low signal. Unfortunately I think I have to contact both my carriers xfinity and vivent to shut down their built in wifi on their modems but it is strong enough that i haven't noticed any effect from the wifi signals from either modem. I need to play around with the configurations to fully experiment with all it can do but in ap mode I am sure this is limited. I am excited to hopefully finally have a trouble free wifi long range broadcasting network, the cost is high but compared to the many different routers and extenders and antenneas I have purchased trying to stableize and extend my network it is worth the cost. I will probably purchase additional satellite units in the future when they are available just to make sure ever inch of my property is covered. I look forward to using this system in our business after testing it and confirming it is stable and long reaching and once they update the firmware to include a guest network isolated from your local lan network.

  • Michael - Nothing like trying to scare people into buying your crap software.

    I have to admit I don't have this product. I'm a recovering IT professional, so family and friends often come to me with problems. That's the case here.

  • Nicky from New Zealand - Don't be sucked in by the dark skinned lady

    Was expecting great things from this product and although it has clearly improved from earlier reviews as the smell of the product is now a pleasant citrus fragrance and the colour of the tan is no longer orange, the shade of tan is nothing like the advertisements. It takes layers and layers, day after day of applying the lotion to notice a slight difference in skin colour and even then it is very subtle. Nothing like the shots of the very dark skinned lady on the advertisement.....although I didn't really want that result but some immediate colour change would have been good.

  • Paul - SteelSeries QcK Mini MousePad

    I just built my first gaming rig a couple of months ago and so I HAD (you know the feeling) to have a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, and appropriate gaming pad. With that said, I purchased both the Razer Sphex and the SteelSeries QcK Mini Gaming MousePads. Neither was expensive and how to choose was the question. So I purchased both.

  • Lynn B. - The whole Family loves Sleepytime tea.

    Everyone in our family drinks this tea. My teenage daughters drink a cup at night. I always add a bag or two to my ice-tea blend, when I make ice-tea in the summer. A little honey with it is great.