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  • Radio Guy - Pretty Awesome.

    Gave this as a gift to my mom for Christmas. She loves the beach so I thought it'd be a fun gift. Everyone loved it. Fun watching full grow adults look at it drift through their fingers like they're on acid.

  • KristinD - I did receive the supplement on time and in good condition it was double safety sealedd to ensure freshness ...

    I purchased this product because I am trying to heal my nails from the inside out. I have tried every single type of nail product that you apply to your nails and my nails still peel constantly. I have a job where I wash my hands a million times a day so they are probably robbed of lots of moisture and protein. This supplement has everything in it at the right dosages to help heal my nails from the inside out. My hair is also dry and brittle I do have a lot of breakage and have to clean up my brushes a lot. So I'm hoping it'll help my hair grow stronger without so much breakage. Since nails and hair grow at a slow pace it will take a while before I see real results. I did receive the supplement on time and in good condition it was double safety sealedd to ensure freshness and to let the consumer know product hasn't been tampered with. There are 60 tablets in this bottle and you take 2 tablets a day. They are super easy to swallow and not really large at all. They are made in the United States in an fda-registered facility and are gmp-certified. I will continue to use these in hopes that I will get the results that I am wanting so far so good.

  • rmiller - My kids love it!

    I bought this for my daughters and they love it! Great present for kids under 12. And it gets them up and moving.

  • Marlene Dalley - not sure

    if the bottle didnt freeze up on me..I would have a better opinion but the serum stopped coming out and there was more than half left in the bottle...finally after shaking it for a millionth time it seemed to work again but i cannot say since I was irritated by that factor

  • John F. Keith - Collins Best

    It just doesn't get much better than this music especially this track. Great addition to your music favorite music collection.

  • Kindle Customer - Love/hate story❤️

    I love P's love/hate storylines! Jared and Tate are my top fav but they almost were bunked down by Ryen and Misha! Loved the book and can't wait for more! Loved how corrupt characters made an appearance too!