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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Ramesh - Perfect fit for 2010 camry!!!

    Was doubtful after reviewing some comments, bur the hubcap fits perfect on my 2010 Camry and looks exactly the same as other originals (except the logo in the center). Would recommend to anyone looking for one, just go for it.

  • M. Lariviere - Great product

    Great product. Nav and satellite radio work with no issues. Installation is as easy as it gets - unscrew old antenna and screw on The Stubby Jr. My truck now fits in the garage.

  • jkami77 - Great product

    I have been using this in combination with the Tropiclean water additive and so far its been working pretty well. I use the gel about every other day and the water additive everyday. I'm not sure if one works better than the other, but my dog used to have the worst doggy breath, so bad that it could fill the room with the smell of it. Now I can be right in his face and I smell nothing, its been about 2 weeks.

  • Trisha Mead - Well made!

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I have recently started buying all new kitchen accessories and gadgets. I love the stainless steel look!! The 3 sizes are great and can help you get most any job done. These products are well made and seem to be very durable. They have survived well through many disheasher trips so far! I would definitely recommend!

  • zach - This is an absolutely Great study book

    This is an absolutely Great study book. This is a comprehensive review that covers all likely areas of content that are going to be on the test. Includes practice test questions with detailed answers that clearly explain how the answer was created. Includes many test taking strategies that even the most experienced test taker can learn from. Up-to-date test questions that really do help prep for the test. Easy to follow flow that helps take in the material. The book keeps the material at the simplest level possible to ensure maximum understanding by all audiences. I felt much more relaxed and prepared for the test knowing that I had studied all the material, plus it is also guaranteed to raise your score or you can apply to get a full refund!

  • JC Hardy - Does Not Really Have a Web Browser

    Some of the reviews of the LeapPad Ultra imply that it has a web browser that lets kids go to kid-friendly sites. This is really very misleading. For instance, you can't type "pbskids.org" in an address bar and visit this site. There are only certain topics available to choose from, such as dogs or ninjas. One of the videos available in the "browser" instructs the user on how to style their hair like Tinkerbell. I can think of more educational topics available on other websites, if only you could access them.

  • Amazon Customer - a little confusing at first - then same great program

    I have been using Microsoft Access for years and feel that this is a good update to the old program. I did not upgrade to 2007, so I can't speak to a change from that version, but this is a huge change from 2003.