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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Indigestion is most often caused by too little acid! - Indigestion is most often caused by too little acid!

    Hard to believe, but true - at least in my particular case and, in the authors' opinion, about 90% presenting with indigestion.

  • Dach K. - First try, didn't click. Second try, works great.

    We must have gotten a faulty model because the first product we received wouldn't click in to the stroller. And we knew what that meant. What it meant was that the baby could fall out. No click = no guarantee of safety so we said uh uh, no way will we be putting our baby in this until it clicks. But it never did click.

  • T Davis - Good product

    I take pole fitness classes and wanted something to help keep my hands dry. I purchased this, because numerous ladies in my classes use this product. It is great to use spur of the moment. For me, I do notice that after a few spins, there is residue on the pole. I believe it is from the product rubbing off of my hands on to the pole. I usually wipe down the pole with a cloth spritzed with alcohol and I am good to go. Depending on how much I sweat, I do end up using the product a couple of times during class. It is not a deal breaker, but just something you should be aware of. I use about 3-4 drops in my hands each time I use the product.

  • Ashara Milao - Didn't work. Just buy Quick Fix or make sure that you have been clean for 3+ weeks...

    Didn't work took 1 out of 2 I bought so far & tried Ultimate Gold Detox 4 days prior to taking this (bought 2 as well). Took it as directed, stayed away from toxin 3+ days prior. The taste was okay and it felt very acidic going down, almost gave me heart burn. Also make sure to buy at home test strips when ordering any detox drink! Its better to know before you go! Tested 7 times over 3 hours all came up positive!

  • Pennsylvania Fisherman - Microsoft fixed a product that wasn't broken.

    I've been a happy user of MS Office since my transition from Perfect Office in 1997, versions 95 thru 2003. The user-friendly menu-driven user interface. built-in hotkeys, and logical grouping of functions allow great efficiency and flexibility