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  • Rick Matoy - But dies it clean the water?

    I gave this product a five star rating. The filter fit perfectly and the quality seemed equal to the factory part. Unfortunately i have no way of knowing if the filter is the same quality on the inside. The water taste fine coming out of the fridge door. So I guess I'll stay with the rating

  • fantaztika - IT WORKS!

    I bought this for home maintenance after treating my cat. It smells great, you do not need a whole ton so don't go crazy wasting half a bottle on your first use! I found what works best is to vacuum first and then lightly spray the room (rugs, around air vents, dark corners, under/behind furniture). If you spray too much, it can get a little unbearable and the spices will surely clear your sinuses. I have a short haired cat, and I spray this stuff on a paper towel and then rub top of her head and middle of her back. Within 48 hours we were back to a non-flea home!

  • Amazon Customer - An Amazing Read

    The story is unbelievably well written. Once I started I couldn't put it down. I'm very much looking forward to reading the next book.

  • carebear - DANGEROUS!!!!!

    DANGEROUS!!! i am a mom of three boys and this is the most crazy stroller ever! My 7 month old hit his head on the tray in front because there is no securing the seat back(i was going down a small curb bc no ramp)! He was able to pull himself up and flop allover the place! With the 5 point harness on.

  • bella - I thought I would love it...

    I owned a similar product years ago and I loved, loved, loved it. It was made out of tempered glass and it did all the things Nuwave claims to do. I gave the oven to my mother when I relocated from one state to another and vowed to invest in another later. I never did but I kept seeing this Nuwave over and told my husband I wanted one. He bought it for me this past Christmas. I was excited and I wanted to try it right away so I cleaned it and cooked our Christmas Turkey in it; immediately I knew I did not like the product.The turkey had a plastic taste to it. My husband said perhaps it was the protective coat on the dome that burnt off during the initial use. I kept giving it a try and time after time I became increasingly disappointed. The dome lid doesn't stand up when it's removed, It flips over. The locking mechanism at the top won't stay on l if you do not put on correctly you will not have a good seal and your digital pad will come detached from the dome.I prefer the unit I previously owned, you only removed the glass lid not the entire dome. .Having to constantly remove the digital pad from the dome in order to clean it will cause wear and tear on the product. In addition, there is a space at the bottom of the Nuwave oven between the base and the removable metal dripping pan that creates condensation, I do not like that. Lastly your food will only brown and crisp on the upside you have to continuously flip your food,it's supposed to be air circulating all around a convection system that will make you food crisp and moist locking in flavor. This product does not deliver as advertised. I am very disappointed thank goodness for the 90 day money back guarantee because I'm having my husband replace the new wave with a tempered glass version that I previously owned.

  • alizzy - One Star

    It does nothing to me. Literally sucked not even gonna waste anymore money on this. Two jars and nothing

  • Dave - Tried other new battery still no good. It appears the unit has a faulty power ...

    dead on arrival... I placed known good/new battery in new unit, LCD display blank. While handling unit the LCD display briefly came on, then went off again. Battery is firmly seated. Tried other new battery still no good. It appears the unit has a faulty power connection inside -- poor quality control.