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  • G. Campbell - So far, so good

    I finally tried this out on a windows xp desktop, and windows vista laptop- both of which were running so slow that i was about to trash them rather than taking to a repair store. I got the 5 seat license for $50. After the scans and cleanup, they boot up, run, and power down much faster. I would not be able to recognize false positive indications of viruses, as I'm not "up" on that stuff. In my case, given that they ran very well after the cleanup, I'd say it was a good deal for both computers. Time will tell over the long haul. Also, if there was a serious issue with them, I don't know how /if PCMatic would fix the issue, but in my case, I'm very satisfied with the product.

  • Mary Frame - Incredibly Soft and Absorbent

    This is a really remarkable towel and impressed me far beyond what I was expecting. I was just hoping for a small towel that I could use after working out or after washing my face, basically just to dry up a small amount of water but this is so absorbent. I purchased the small towel and decided to give it a little absorbency test to see how much water it could handle by using it to dry off after taking a shower. This was able to completely dry my soaking body and it only felt a little damp even though it is half the thickness and less than half the size of my bath towel. Normally my bath towel gets patches where it is soaked but this towel barely got damp. This would be great to take to the gym since it is super lightweight and doesn't take up a lot of space in your bag and is effective for drying you off after you take a shower and it stays dry enough that you could put it back in your gym bag without getting everything else wet. For me, I'm going to make this my go-to towel when I go swimming since it is so absorbent. Plus the material is incredibly soft and feels great against your skin. Even though it is not necessarily the intended purpose of this towel, I might like to get one of the large ones as a utility towel. If I ever had something awful like a small flood in my house that required a towel or two this type of towel would be the first thing I'd want to grab. I understand that when choosing among products it is important to vet the legitimacy of reviews. I received a sample of this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my full evaluation. I always make a concerted effort to fully articulate the positive and negative aspects of the products I receive and am not incentivized to leave a positive review.

  • Julie Holland - Great for toddlers who hate having their nails cut!

    This is the only thing my toddler will allow me to use to cut his fingernails. Works great and eases my mind about cutting his little fingers.

  • John - 2005 - 2010 Honda Odyssey Cross Bars

    These bars were very easy to install. I read a number of other reviews prior to purchasing the product. There were a few that cautioned the installation due to the difficultly in removing the end cap from the side rails on the van (Honda issue not these bars). While the end caps didn't slide off easily, I didn't have to spend more than a minute or so on each one. You need to insert a screwdriver into the hole to release the tab. Just don't be afraid of using a decent amount of force to remove the cap. They go back on super easy. I would recommend using a towel or something just under the back of the side rail so you don't scratch the top of the van when the cap comes off (which I did).

  • J. Barrera - Good value with a few nitpicks

    Putting the treadmill together was relatively painless. You will need help to install the console and ensure no wires get pinched/broken.