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  • Balbir Chagger my story of overcoming adversity and achieving mental and physical health | - How to put into practice what one learns in spite of not seeing instant, positive results. Having motivation, determination, persistence, focus, and achieving
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  • Mary B D - Use at your own risk!

    We were very happy with Peachtree (now Sage) accounting software which we used for 20+ years. We had some questions and after waiting for hours on hold, we were told we should update, so in August of 2014 we bought the updated latest version. Right from the start, we had many problems. We are a small business with gross sales of under $1,000,000. Suddenly, System Cost Adjustments began appearing in our financial statements, for 1st for $293,000, then for $4,239,987. Sage was unable to provide any assistance at all, telling us that these entries were made automatically and telling us we had to buy an annual Sage Support package, the cheapest of which was $649.00. I believe there was a virus in the software. Sage provided no solution to our dilemma. Even our accountant was perplexed by the crazy figures and spent many hours fixing the problem. We decided to move to another accounting program. After using Peachtree/Sage for so many years, the transition was painful. However, the problems caused by Sage were enormous and beyond our ability to fix, and apparently beyond Sage's capabilities to fix either.

  • M. Crenshaw - I have every reason to praise these vitamins but...

    I have the same challenge that many other reviewers have stated...the size. This is a very good quality product but the size hinders the eagerness to obtain the results/effects of taking the vitamin. I'm half tempted to administer by way of crushing and adding to my kids yoghurt or orange juice.