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  • pacman5230 - soured......

    So sorry.......I cannot review this item because I have solemnly sworn to NEVER purchase a SONY product again. I could give you my reasons, but there would not be enough space here...

  • Vegetation and Image - Microtargeting ursurps democracy.

    Does this book explain, how a proud people of 300 Million intelligent human beings end up choosing between a pathetic clown and and an evil fraud for their president? Are these two candidates the outcome of algorithms that target campaign money? In any case: Come on, you Americans, you can do better!

  • Nawaz - The picture quality is great but i am having 2 issues first it interference ...

    The picture quality is great but i am having 2 issues first it interference with my radio and i cant listen it while camera turned on.

  • R. L. MILLER - This Thing Doesn't Charge Batteries So Much As It Cooks Them

    This is a rewrite of a review a few days ago when I first got this charger. I promptly did a mass charge of AAs and AAAs I had in my "battery stash cup". They're all none-too-young Radio Shack rechargibles. I found that this unit overheated all of the AAs, which someone else here says "crystalizes" them. Sure enough, they won't hold a charge for more than a few days, and that's in my TiVo remote, which is a real "wattage hog" compared to other remotes. Another customer here says that's because this is a fast-charge unit when you're better off setting it at a slower rate for the sake of battery life. The same customer goes on to say that chargers from Lacrosse Technologies are much better because they have multiple charge rate settings, so I ordered one of those and it's in the pipeline. I also have some Energizer Recharge AAs and AAAs which I ordered at the same time I ordered this unit, and shipment tracking says they're only a day or two away. I'm not about to destroy that batch of batteries with this unit so I'm sticking to the Radio Shack batteries and charging them with the old charger I bought with those a few years ago until the Lacrosse shows up. Maybe I can palm this unit off on a stoner brother I owe a "negative favor" or two to--he's a photographer with cameras that eat AAs.

  • blackstreek - The Book of Allison.

    Jeb rarely says anything after dinner, but I've come to get used to that, I can see the appreciation in his stapled jaw after feeding him with a battered rusty cut-open can of motor oil. But in the past few days the gang at the dinner table has seemed strangely quiet - distant even - and I can't really blame the grey ashen snow flitting through the makeshift tin roof of our cabin. Maybe the radiation in the atmosphere has finally exceeded the output from the microwave, but that's hearsay spread by Candy, who hasn't said a word since a few years ago. Her hair keeps falling into the soup.