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  • Greg Sakowski - It can't import Quicken data

    It will not import data from Quicken 2013. I ended up buying Quicken 2014 because Quicken 2013 is so buggy I thought it would convert easier. It got further through the import process with Quicken 2014 file data, but it still aborted at the end of the import process and would not complete. I am a long time user of Intuit Quicken products but am more and more disappointed with their product offering. They just don't work well anymore. At least Quicken 2014 seems more stable (less buggy) than Quicken 2013, but just means I wasted my money on QuickBooks.

  • Turquoise - Doesnt work, paid $25 for broken plastic..yey.

    Received item faster then expected, which was cool. Until I opened the package, there was no charger for it, But I had one and charged it and found out it doesn't work at all. All I have is a black screen and now I'm out $25. Doesn't work. Not happy. I'd give it less of a star if I could.

  • Cherylann Chance - will not buy again

    There was no change in anything. Honestly don't know if it worked. I guess I have to fool myself into believing it worked.

  • Joe Demascal - awesome

    At first I was sceptical at the low price and if the software disc would work properly. I was able to install and use the product without any issues.

  • Eliasibe - Very good as always...

    I bought it to do some complementary work in addition to my regular duties. That's the usual power of fast programming.

  • BethG - Excellent on my thin hair!

    Finally found a shampoo that works well on my fine and thinning hair! The fragrance is light and refreshing. This is very good shampoo!

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