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  • Jonathan - Best carseat I found.

    After looking for a carseat at diffetent stores they all seemed to be cheaply made and not only that they were also pricey. After I read the reviews at amazon for the 2015 Maxi Cozy Pria 70 I convinced my husband to let me buy it! This is the Best car sit I ever bought! Very cushiony, easy to install, easy to clean. It is also easy to put baby in and out. The belts to secure baby are also easy to buckle. My baby falls asleep and her head stays in place, thanks to the air bag (cushion) on each side of her head. When I first opened the box it looked like a huge carseat. I installed it on my town and country and fits just fine. I don't think that will be the case for a car. We have had the carseat now for almost six months! It is pricey but is definitely made of good quality material and worth the money! A very happy customer!

  • 73 Nova - Permatex 81668

    Don't have any comment on this product, because as things turned out I did not have to use it, but I'm sure the product would work as described.

  • CaliforniaBuyer - The students can easily find the guidelines in their own ICD-10-CM code book

    I agree with the review that mentions many errors in this book. However, another major problem is that the authors provide "filler" materials instead of explanation of the guidelines and sufficient coding examples. This makes me want to assign a different coding textbook in the future. (1) For sections on the ICD-10-CM system, the majority of the space is devoted to the EXACT copy of the guidelines. What is the point of this? The students can easily find the guidelines in their own ICD-10-CM code book, for God's sake. The authors do NOT explain the guidelines and provide more step by step examples. Talking about filling the space. They simply COPY and PASTE the guidelines into this textbook without explaining the guidelines with the examples. What a joke. (2) For the sections on the CPT manual, there are also many filler materials. The Cardiovascular system section is a classic example. The authors simply repeat/summarize some codes' descriptors. She NEVER discusses some guidelines in the Cardiovascular section. Seriously, if you are just going to ignore those important guidelines, why should anyone spend so much money buying this textbook? Come on.

  • Kathleen Stout - Got the wrong version

    I mistakenly ordered the wrong version (I wanted the original Rock version) and downloaded it as an mp3. Once I realized my mistake it was too late - not returnable.

  • Lily - but I'm so glad I took the chance

    I was apprehensive about ordering my hair color online, but I'm so glad I took the chance! I love the color, it's so natural looking. Definitely better than store-bought and just as good as salon results. The odor is minimal, and the gloves actually fit my hands. (I have very small hands and the gloves that come in store-bought kits are simply too big for me to work with.) There is no burning to my scalp, the color lasts, and the customer service is excellent. I have my account set to automatically send me a kit every 6 weeks so I never have to worry about ordering in time for my next order, plus it comes in a pretty, personalized box.

  • collies and cats - Another tool in my pets' dental care

    This is easy to use ... just follow directions. The dogs' vet has been very impressed with the condition of their teeth. If this saves on a vet dental cleaning procedure down the road, I'll be pleased. Not only is dental cleaning expensive, but it also requires that the critter be put under anesthesia, something I try to avoid.